RIT Day 2 with Training PL Vulcan in Woonsocket, RI May 10, 2018RIT with Training PL Vulcan in Woonsocket, RI May 9, 2018Rhode Island Fire Academy Class 003 November 2, 2017Lincoln Station 3 Live Burn November 1, 2017Rhode Island Municipal Fire Academy Class 002 July 26, 2017Cumberland, RI Below grade rope training May 13, 2017RIT training by PL Vulcan Woonsocket, RI October 6, 2016Foxborough, MA Live Fire Training 93 North Street May 21, 2016Foxborough, MA 87 North Street Live fire trainingRoof Ops, forcible entry, and more Union FIre District May 26, 2007North Smithfield, RI Haz-Mat DrillBurrillville, RI Live Burn April 27, 2008Burrillville Live Fire Training 2007Smithfield, RI Douglas Pike "Final Burn" of the training house July 11, 2009Lincoln Rope TrainingRanger 4 training in Lincoln Woods June 15, 2010Woonsocket, RI Fire Department 2010 Recruit Class Burn Union Fire District September 13, 2010Cumberland, RI R.I.T. Training 1822 Diamond Hill Rd September 18, 2010LFD Junior Firefighter Training (Images for my 365 project)