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Lincoln, RI ~ Crews from Stations 4, 5, 3, 7 and Rescue 4 responded to 107 Boulevard Ave in the Lonsdale Section of the town around 0630hrs on January 22, 2013 for a reported dwelling fire on a bitterly cold and windy morning. Engine and Rescue 4’s quarters are located 2 blocks away, where on scene moments after dispatch. Captain Pat Gorman reported that he had heavy smoke showing from a 1.5sty wood framed dwelling. The fire appeared to be in the basement of this 30x40 Cape Cod style home. The elderly male 
homeowner reported to Capt. Gorman that his wife was possibly still inside the house. The 4’s quickly turned into search mode while next due companies were still responding to the scene. Firefighters masked up and entered the heavy smoke charged structure to search for the man’s missing wife. 


Ladder 51 arrived soon after and placed their rig in front of the dwelling for roof ventilation work. Engines 32 secured water supply to Engine 4 from a hydrant on Front Street. Engines 31 and 76 members hurried into the scene for manpower to search and stretch attack lines.
Searches continued, as heavy fire was raging in the cellar. Water was played into the basement through the foundation windows to try to keep the fire in check as the first floor was explored. Chief 4, Tim Griffin arrived on scene and took over command operations. Rescue 2 and Squad 21 were special called to the scene for EMS sector and F.A.S.T. operations. Strong winds were blowing through the open windows creating a bellows condition inside the structure. 


Heavy fire was now showing on the first floor and out the windows on the Alpha/Delta corner. 
The floor in the kitchen area was showing signs of instability. Interior crews attacking the fire in the basement reported that the fire appeared to be now gas feed. The Incident Commander made the decision to get all members out of the dwelling for accountability and safety. Searches had to be put on hold due to the rapidly extending fire conditions. Exterior hand lines were trained into the windows on the first floor and cellar at this time.
Once the fire appeared to be somewhat controlled, a search team was allowed back inside the compromised structure to continue efforts to find the missing victim. They entered through a Delta side window on the first floor in attempts to locate her. The lifeless body of the 91 year old was removed to the EMS sector where she was pronounced. 
Engine 1 was special called to replace Squad 21 (FAST) as they were placed to work.  Squad 21 was able to make the roof from the rear porch and then up to the ridgeline to begin vertical ventilation. The roof team was surrounded by chugging black smoke as they attempted to pop the roof open.  The smoke soon turned to fire as the second floor began to light up. The roof was beginning to sag along the Alpha side as the rafters were being eaten away by the fire’s progression. 
A second aerial truck was requested due to the now defensive operations. North Cumberland Truck 5 was sent and told to position in the parking lot on the Charlie/Delta corner. Once in position, their master stream along with Ladder 51’s was put into action on the blaze. Heavy smoke was being blown by the strong winds throughout the neighborhood and at times obscuring visibility on the scene. 
The fire was placed under control in about 2.5hrs after arrival. Extensive overhauling continued for hours to expose the hidden pockets of fire. The Rhode Island Fire Marshal’s Office sent several investigators to the scene to try to determine the origin and cause. One member was transported to a local ER for an unknown medical issue. 
The elderly couple met when they were 18yrs old and then married after he returned from the service in 1945. They were married for nearly 7 decades.


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3rd Alarm Cranston, RI Park Ave & Elmwood Ave  

Cranston, RI ~ Firefighters arrived to find heavy fire venting out of the 3rd floor C-D corner windows of this occupied 4 apartment taxpayer style building at the corners of Park Ave and Elmwood Ave around 2130hrs on August 31, 2012. The first floor of the building housed commercial properties. The residents were exiting safely to the streets as companies arrived.


A second alarm was quickly sounded due to the building size and find conditions that were showing. An aggressive interior attack commenced up to the fire floor. Heavy heat and fire was found on the 3rd floor right side apartment as the members attempted to push in to extinguish the blaze.


The fire was rapidly advancing itself into the flat roofed cockloft of this 60’x150’ structure. Heavy smoke was now pushing from the eaves and top floor windows. The fire began to show itself through the roof over the fire rooms.


The OIC had the fire alarm office sound the evacuation tones to get all members safely outside to the rapidly deteriorating conditions. Ladder pipes, a tower ladder, deck guns, and exterior big lines were put into operation once the PAR check proved all members were safely out on the street.


A third alarm was sounded to bring additional engines to the scene for water supply and manpower. The heavy appliances were shut down about an hour into the fire to allow the firefighters to go back inside to perform extensive overhauling.

Reports that one firefighter was evaluated for heat related issues at a local hospital. The building was slated a complete loss and will be demolished.

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Heavy fire greets first due companies in Cumberland blaze  

Cumberland, RI ~ Stations 1, 2, 4, 5 and Rescue 2 were dispatched to 181 Ann Street in the Valley Falls Section of the town around 1130hrs on July 25, 2012. As companies were turning out, fire alarm notified units that they were receiving numerous calls. A police unit arrived first and confirmed the working fire.


Truck- 1 arrived to find heavy smoke and fire showing from the C-Side of an occupied 1.5sty wdfm dwelling.  They began to stretch attack lines to attempt knock down. Rescue 2’s crew also took and attack line to the rear via side B.  Heavy fire was consuming the rear deck, which was also a carport.


Engine 22 positioned themselves on the A/B corner after laying several hundred feet of LDH feeder into Truck 1.  The homeowners were safely outside as companies arrived.  Engine 22 made their way inside to assist in back up line duty. Engine 41 found heavy fire in the basement as they stretched in from the B/C sides.


Truck 5’s crew made the roof from extension ladders to perform vertical ventilation. Rescue 1 was dispatched to set up the EMS rehabilitation sector. Lincoln Ladder 5 was requested for FAST operations but was quickly put to work to assist in overhauling. Lincoln Engine 4 was then special called for FAST.


Companies rotated out several times due to heat and humidity as temperatures were in the low 90’s. The bulk of the fire was knocked down in 30 minutes after arrival with extensive overhauling to continue for hours. The Rhode Island State Fire Marshal’s Office assisted with origin and cause.

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Apartment fire in Woonsocket, RI displaces 30 residents.  

Woonsocket, RI ~ A fire broke out in an 87-unit elderly/section 8 housing apartment complex that was built in 1895 that once served as a private school around 0530am. Woonsocket companies were initially dispatched to the location for a box alarm.


The occupant was reported outside walking his dog prior to the fire breaking out. Engine 3 arrived first due and investigated the panel and then made their way to the zone in alarm. Engine 1 took position at Park Ave and Carrington Street and found heavy fire venting from a ground floor window.


A working fire was sounded bringing the rest of the city's companies. Sprinklers operated in the fire apartment and also 2 hand lines were used to knock the fire down. Thirty occupants had to be evacuated with the rest sheltered in place.


Mutual Aid EMS responded to the scene with out of town companies covering the stations. The fire did have minor extension to the floor above the fire. Heavy smoke damage was also sustained to the building.


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Lightning reportedly sparks North Smithfield, RI inferno  

North Smithfield, RI ~ A severe thunderstorm rolled through the region and reportedly sparked this blaze at 4 Pine Lane on July 18, 2012. The dwelling was on a dirt common driveway/road with no hydrants in the area.


Engine 2 arrived to find heavy fire through the roof of this 1 and 2 story L-shaped dwelling. Engine 1 arrived and joined Engine 2 in attack. A neighbor reported that the family dog was in the house and in a bedroom.


Two members of the first due companies searched the dwelling under heavy fire conditions and found the dog in a rear bedroom. The dog was unresponsive as the firefighters exited the structure.


Members used their newly acquired dog snout resuscitator and performed 2 minutes of CPR. The dog was revived and transported by EMS to the local animal center.

A second alarm tanker task force was also requested due to the lack of hydrants in this section of the town. 

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Aggressive attack in Warwick, RI saves condo complex  

Warwick, RI ~ On a very humid evening with rain showers in the area callers reported a 3rd floor deck/porch fire in a large condo style building at 940 Quaker Lane on July 15, 2012. Engine 5 arrived to find a fire on porch of building 9 on the 3rd floor that appeared to be extending inside.


The boss of Engine 5 stated that they were stretching a 2.5” line to attack the fire via the stairwell. The fire had extended into the attic above the apartment. Companies quickly knocked the fire on the exterior down with the big line.

The ceilings on the interior of the apartment had to be opened up to expose the extending fire. An aggressive interior attack kept the damage to the fire apartment and the attic above.


Several special calls were made to get additional apparatus to the scene to relieve the weary brave firefighters. The Special Signal Association’s Canteen 2 was on scene to provide much needed refreshments.


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Kitchen fire gets Warwick Engine 7 first due work  

Warwick, RI ~ Several 911 phone calls rang in to the dispatch center reporting that smoke was coming from the rear of the dwelling at 156 Pierce Ave on July 12, 2012. Engine 7 arrived to find heavy smoke pushing 

from the 2.5sty wdfm dwelling. The officer of Engine 7 radioed that they were stretching in an attack line to the second floor from the side B entrance. A kitchen fire was found on the second floor with heavy smoke.

An aggressive interior attack commenced keeping the fire to the area of origin. A back up line was stretched in as a precaution. Ladder 2 used their chainsaw to open up the rear wall from an addition rook on side C to check for extension.The roof was not opened as the fire was quickly knocked down. No injuries were reported and the cause was not determined as of this writing.

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Vacant commercial building destroyed by suspicious fire in Seekonk, MA  

Seekonk, MA (Bristol County) ~ A suspicious fire broke out in an abandoned commercial property on Maple Ave around 0445hrs on May 1, 2012. Heavy smoke and fire was showing from the complex as firefighters arrived. The building was the home of the Attleboro Dye Company and has been vacant for years. The property was of mixed construction types; some were brick and timbers while others were concrete block with steel I-beams.

Fire crews set up water supply and then attempted to protect the nearby houses along Central Ave (Route-152). Access around the property was limited to the Maple Ave and Central Ave sides only due to a river and pond along the Charlie/Delta sides. Ladder pipes, deck guns, and several large hand lines played water in the complex for the entire day.


Attleboro, MA, Rehoboth, MA, and Pawtucket, RI assisted the Seekonk Fire Department throughout the inferno. The building was totally destroyed and collapsed into itself hours into the ordeal. Hazardous material runoff was a major concern for the DEM as several 

chemicals were used and stored in the property over the years.



Companies remained on scene overnight wetting down hotspots. The cause is still under investigation. The building’s utilities were terminated prior to the fire, which leads to the suspicion of arson. According to officials, several firefighters suffered minor injuries while fighting the blaze due to the thick, heavy smoke.


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House under construction destroyed in morning inferno in Smithfield, RI  

Smithfield, RI ~ A resident alerted the fire department that the house next door was well involved with fire around 0630hrs on May 1, 2012. The house was in the process of being built in a subdivision near Georgiaville Pond on Crest Circle. 
Firefighters reported a heavy column of smoke in the sky as they responded into the scene. Engine 2 arrived to find the 3000+ square foot house fully involved. Ladder 1 and Engine 1 a

rrived next due and tagged a hydrant to feed the deck guns and ladder pipes. 
Hose lines were also stretched to protect an exposure on the Delta side as its vinyl siding was beginning to melt. Companies blitzed the dwelling with the heavy master streams until it collapsed into the basement. The dwelling was reported not to beoccupied at the time of the blaze. The cause is under investigation. 
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Alarm awakes residents in morning fire in Woonsocket  

Woonsocket, RI ~ A fire alarm sounding early in the morning of April 30, 2012 alerted firefighters to the large tenement dwelling at 1081 Social Street. Engine 2 arrived to find nothing showing from the 3-story wood framed multi occupancy structure. Companies entered the building to investigate the annunciator panel and then made their way to the third floor.



The rest of the box assignment awaited outside as Engine 2 investigated with Tower 2. A decent smoke condition was found on the third floor and this time it didn’t have the “food on the stove” smell. Command was notified that there was a fire in the apartment and a hose line was needed.


The Incident Commander notified the Fire Alarm Office that he had a working fire. Ladder 1, Engine 1

and Rescue 1 were dispatched to fill in the assignment and FAST team duties.  Interior squads found fire in a partition that was extending towards the flat roofed attic. The fire was quickly doused before it made and further destruction to the structure.



Salvage covers were placed in the lower apartments and members also used water vacuums to pick up the standing water in the apa

rtments. One occupant was treated by EMS on scene for an unknown issue. Twelve residents were displaced due the fire. 


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Six occupants escape Burrillville, RI blaze.  

Burrillville, RI ~ Fire heavily damaged a group home for foster children in the Pascoag section of Burrillville at 140 Laurel Hill Rd on April 29, 2012. Heavy fire was found on arrival on the Delta side of the large Victorian style dwelling rapidly extending upwards from a side porch. All of the 6 occupants were safely evacuated as the first due companies arrived on scene.
Engine 42’s crew stretched a 2½” and also a 1¾” hose lines to rapidly attack the large volume of fire. The bulk of the fire was knocked down in minutes with tank water. Harrisville Engine 22 stretched LDH to a nearby hydrant to supply the scene and then the manpower assisted with checking for extension. Tower 4 threw their 85’ bucket to the roof and placed a roof ladder in position incase command gave the order to open the roof. Ladder 2 readied themselves on the Alpha/Bravo corner if conditions worsened. 
All of the Burrillville stations were alerted to the scene. Several hand lines were stretched in to make sure the fire didn’t extend into the structure. Firefighters opened up the Charlie/Delta side interior walls to make sure the flame spread didn’t make it inside the dwelling. Heavy smoke was found throughout the structure with very limited fire extension. Companies remained on scene for hours for overhaul and investigation efforts. The Rhode Island State Fire Marshal’s Office also assisted the local officials. 
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Residents jump to safety as fast moving fire destroys Woonsocket, RI apartment.  

Woonsocket, RI ~ A fast moving fire destroyed a 3.5sty wdfm dwelling at 24 Hope Street on April 28, 2012. A mother was on the second floor trapped by the heavy smoke. She then opened the window and dropped her infant to awaiting neighbors below. Seconds later she also leapt from the same window.  A upstairs tenant was also credited with saving lives as he kicked in doors notifying occupants as he fled the building.
Engine 3 arrived to find heavy smoke and fire showing from the Alpha/Bravo side windows on the first floor. A working fire was requested and minutes later a second alarm. Engine 3’s crew began to stretch a 1¾” attack line to the fire apartment. EMS was requested with a push to treat the victim who jumped. Ladder 2 positioned their 100’ tower ladder in a Bravo side driveway to vent the roof.
Engine 1 approached the scene from the Delta side. A LDH was stretched to feed Engine 3’s pump. Engine 2 and Squad 4’s crew helped getting several back-up lines into action. Ladder 1 backed into Hope Street from East Street on the Bravo side to ready their waterway if needed. Rescues 1 and 2 transported the occupants to the hospital for evaluation of possible injuries from jumping. 
Primary searches proved that all of the occupants were safely evacuated however there were still reports of missing pets. Ladder 2’s bucket was raised up to vent the roof on the Bravo side. Heavy smoke and heat was found as the roof was pushed in. A third alarm was sounded bringing mutual aid from Lincoln, Bellingham, Blackstone. Blackstone, MA Ladder 1 responded in to the scene from the Delta side for ladder pipe work if conditions worsened.  Lincoln Squad 21 set up as FAST when they arrived. Bellingham’s crew stood by as manpower for deployment into the fire building.
Heavy fire had now made its way into the 2nd floor through the balloon framed walls. The Alpha/Bravo corner 2nd floor room flashed over and fire began overlapping upwards up the 3rd floor and attic.  Ladder 2’s crew had to rapidly descend due to the extending fire. The heavy heat melted the joystick control panel’s display sticker.
Deputy Chief Perrault had all firefighters evacuate the structure to the heavy fire conditions that were now showing from all floors. The fire was now breaking through the roofline and heavy dark smoke was now blanketing the neighborhood. Several hand lines, deck guns, and Tower 2’s water way were now flowing water into the blaze.
The OIC allowed companies to attempt to re-enter the structure once the bulk of the heavy fire was knocked. Chainsaws were used to open the floors to allow for water drainage. Hand lines were stretched up into the 3rd floor to work all of the trapped fire that was still rolling the attic space. A dog was found alive in a bedroom closet and safely was returned to it’s owner outside. 
The fire was under control around 1430hrs with extensive overhauling to continue for hours. The building was home to 5 apartments and 15 occupants. The fire marshal reported that there were no working smoke detectors in the structure. The Rhode Island State Fire Marshal’s Office was on scene to help determine the cause. The report of a space heater to close to belongings was a possible cause of this intense fire.  Firefighters remained on scene well into the night wetting down hot spots.
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67 left homeless in 6th alarm blaze in Marlborough, MA.  

Marlborough, MA (Middlesex)- Firefighters responded to 273-277 West Main Street around 0900hrs on April 23, 2012 for a reported fire in a 5sty roughly 100’x500’ brick veneer platform framed apartment complex. The 911 caller reported that he saw smoke coming from the corner of the roof of the complex. The living areas were on the first four floors with storage areas in the attic space inside the mansard roof section. Firefighters found an advanced fire on the upper floor in the Delta side of the building.
An aggressive interior attack commenced as command requested the working fire to be struck. A second alarm was soon struck to help assist with evacuations and fire attack. Marlborough ladder crews made their way up to the roof to the A/D corner to open scuttles and the roof itself to release the trapped smoke and gases from the fire below them. Heavy smoke was now beginning to push from the complex as the interior companies pressed on attacking the fire.
The Incident Commander struck the third alarm bringing in more out of town departments. Heavy fire was now venting from the flat roof of the Delta side of the complex. All firefighters were pulled from structure and then a fourth alarm was requested. Hudson’s Tower Ladder positioned themselves on the Charlie/Delta side and set up a water curtain to protect a similar structure. 
The Northborough and Southborough Tower Ladders set up along the Alpha side and opened up the mansard roof to expose the hidden storage spaces. Heavy appliance water streams were directed into the roof line trying to get a hold of the deteriorating conditions. Fifth and sixth alarms were requested bringing in more water supply companies to relay pump and draft from Lake Williams. Drafting operations closed Route-20 for several hours as LDH hose lines clogged the roadway.
The Massachusetts Rehab and Incident Command Support trucks responded to help out with communications and refreshments for the exhausted members. The heavy fire had traveled throughout the entire upper floor storage area and roof. Heavy smoke continued to chug into the overcast sky and blanketed the neighborhood. 
Shrewsbury’s tower ladder operated along the Bravo side and used their chainsaws to open up. Heavy churning smoke and then fire blew out of the opened holes. Several hand lines, deck guns, tower ladders, and ladder pipes played water into the building for hours. The fire was starting to get darkened down around 1330hrs. The fire was placed under control around 1630hrs with crews remained on scene for fire watch for hours later.
The Massachusetts Fire Marshal’s Office along with the local officials will try to determine the origin and cause. Reports of 67 people were left homeless due to the fire with reports of several missing pets. The towns of Framingham, Hudson, Southborough, Northborough, Westborough, Sudbury, Natick, Hopkinton, Stow, Shrewsbury, and Berlin either assisted on scene or by covering the empty city firehouses.
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Barn destroyed in 3 alarm blaze in Douglas, MA  

Douglas, MA (Worcester County) – A 2 story barn was destroyed at 76 North Street on April 11, 2012 around 10:00am. Firefighters from the Douglas Fire Department arrived to find this storage barn well involved with a 2 story occupied home as a severe exposure threat. The dwelling was about 15’ away from the barn. 
Chief Kent Vinson ordered a second alarm on his arrival due to the rapidly deteriorating conditions. A LDH hydrant line was laid from Prentice Court up to the scene. The hydrant ended up being defective and was leaking water from its base. Water supply was now in a extreme demand as the house’s vinyl siding was starting to curl and melt.
Two hand lines from Douglas Engine 1 were stretched up to the scene to protect the dwelling from becoming involved in fire. Douglas Ladder 1, a 1500/500 quint, also set up in the driveway and used hand lines and it’s aerial to set up a water curtain to protect the dwelling. Douglas Engine 2 arrived and stretched in from North Woods Drive and used it’s 2500-gallon tank water to assist in fire suppression. 
Second alarm companies arrived to help set up water supply shuttles, manpower to help check for any extension to the dwelling, and several other hand lines. Tankers from several communities also were requested when the OIC struck the 3rd alarm. The barn started to collapse within 15 minutes of the first due’s arrival. The wind also helped keep the dwelling from getting involved. It was blowing from across the house and over the barn to an open field keeping the embers from falling on the roof.
Webster EMS provided rehab and the Special Signal Association passed out refreshments. The fire is under investigation by the local and state marshal’s offices.
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