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Photo Gallery ~ Lincoln, RI firefighters responded to 42 Main Street last night where they found fire in the basement of the Albion Social Club, a private establishment. The building also housed a convenience store on the first floor with an attached post office with apartments above on the Charlie side. The stubborn fire took off through the many voids of this mill era building. The fire eventually took the roof off the 2.5sty attached exposure. The fire went to 4 alarms.

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Guestbook for 4th Alarm Lincoln, RI 42 Main Street February 11, 2017
Scott LaPrade(non-registered)
my hero! YOU SUCK!
Scott LaPrade(non-registered)
All ball breaking a side, your work SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BUT , I have to say WOW you really rocked this one LaBelle! You REALLY DID! EXCELLENT work in cold temps.......!!!!! BRAVO
Eric Moreau(non-registered)
Nice pics Ken
Code Red Photos(non-registered)
Nice Pics Ken
david briggs(non-registered)
nice job capt
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