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Engines 2, 3, Squad 4, Ladder 2, Rescue 1 and Chief 1 responded 173 Newland Avenue for a reported basement fire. Engine 2 arrived first due and reported smoke showing from a 2.5sty wood frame occupied dwelling. The firefighters stretched a 1.75 hand line down the side 4 walkway to the basement doorway. They found fire in the C-D corner and went to work with their line. A second 1.75" hand line was stretched to the dwelling but was never charged. The driver of Engine 2 hand dragged his own feeders to the hydrant opposite the truck, but never charged the lines. Tower 2 set up it's bucket to the roof in case of the need to provide vertical ventilation. The OIC request the balance of the working fire assignment bringing Ladder 1 and Rescue 2 to the scene for EMS standby and F.A.S.T. The fire was quickly knocked down using tank water only. The truckies opened up the exterior siding and also set up their PPV to evacuate smoke from the dwelling. The fire was placed under control in 45 minutes.
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