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Worcester, MA - Box 08-11 was struck for a reported fire on the third floor of a 3 story wood frame dwelling at 4 Harlow Street around 1700hrs on January 14, 2010. Engine 8 arrived first in and reported to fire alarm that they had fire showing from a large occupied dwelling. An interior attack commensed by the engine companies on the upper floors. Ladder companies went to the roof to open up to release the trapped smoke and gases in the attic. Heavy fire made it's way into the attic and eventually through the roof. The OIC requested that a second alarm to be struck due to the overlapping fire. An aggressive interior attack on the third floor and attic kept the fire in check as the truckies opened the walls, ceilings, and floors. The bulk of the fire was reported knocked down in 30 minutes. Command requested a third alarm to the scene for manpower and relief purposes. Companies were tied up overhauling the large structure for 1.5hrs after the knock down was reported.

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