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Woonsocket, RI - As firefighters were mopping up the working fire on Valley Street, Fire Alarm cracked the airwaves, "Fire Control to Valley Street IC, getting reports of a second building fire on Park Ave near Crawford Street". IC, we're getting reports from the police that this building is occupied and there is fire on the side of the dwelling extending to the roof line. The Chief and Rescue 1 arrived to find a large 3sty wood framed 30x80 occupied apartment house with fire on the side 2 porch extending up to the dormer area and roof line. The chief ordered a working fire which brought in out of city companies along with Woonsocket Engine 4. Police officers were in the building helping occupants outside while Rescue 1's crew started primary searches. The firefighters from Engine 4 arrived from the other side of the city to stretch first hand lines on this rapidly spreading fire. North Smithfield Ladder 2 arrived and set up on the 1-2 corner to start roof ventilation operations. Woonsocket Engine 1 and Tower 2 were freed from Valley Street fire to assist operations. Engine 1 established water supply to Engine 4 and Tower 2. This fire was Tower 2's first fire. The tower was set up on the 4-1 corner to open up the gable ends on side 1 and 4. Lincoln Engine 1, Burrillville Engine 32, Lincoln Rescue 2, and Blackstone, MA Rescue 1 also responded to the scene. Lincoln Engine 1 helped stretch the second back up line to the second floor to attack the fire in the walls and ceiling. Blackstone and Lincoln Rescue crews also were deployed to the upper floors to help open up the balloon framed walls and tin ceilings. The building had been renovated over time creating voids that helped the flames spread. The fire did extend into the attic area and had broken through the roof on side 2. An aggressive interior attack on floors 2, 3, and in the attic kept the fire mostly to side 2. Heavy smoke was pushing from all of the eaves but was reduced to residual smoke due to the work of the firefighters inside. Several occupants were treated for smoke inhalation on scene. No firefighter injuries were reported.
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