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Woonsocket, RI – The men and women of the Woonsocket were handed a busy night tour on December 26, 2009. The companies responded to their share of medicals and alarms throughout the shift. Fire alarm dispatched a 1st alarm to the area of Elm Street and Gaulin Ave, the scene of a 4th alarm of fire on Christmas Eve around midnight, which proved to be a false call. Shortly after companies returned to quarters, another still alarm was sent out for 44 Locust Street for a vehicle fire against a garage. This street is one block away from the Gaulin Ave fire location. Engine 2 arrived to report a van was fully involved and that they could handle alone. Chief 1 requested a fire marshal car and police to the scene. Once again the companies returned to their stations. Fire alarm opened the airwaves around 20 minutes in the vehicle fire run with a reported structure fire in the area of 79 Robinson St. Chief 1 looked up Locust Street and saw a 3sty dwelling with heavy fire venting from the front of the structure. Engine 2 arrived first due at a well involved vacant 40x70 3sty wood frame dwelling. They stretched big lines to knock the heavy overlapping fire down. Engines 3, 1, Squad 4, Tower 2, Ladder 1, and Rescues 1, and 2 also responded on the working fire response. Several big lines were operating on the fire throughout the fight. The fire was burned through the sidewalls on sides 2 and 4 as fire ran the walls to the attic space. Ladder 1 set up on the side 1-2 corner and threw their stick to the roof to provide vertical ventilation for the firefighters inside. Interior companies reported holes on all floors on the side 1 rooms. Firefighters chased hot spots and pockets of fire for a hour before bringing the fire under control. One firefighter sustained injuries when he fell through a hole in the flooring and was transported to Landmark Hospital for evaluation. The fire was deemed suspicious in nature due to the rash of fires in this neighborhood in the past days. There also was a small fire hours late at 287 Burnside Ave in another vacant 3sty wood frame dwelling. Companies found a small fire in the basement that did not extend. All of the fires are being investigated by local and state officials.
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