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West Warwick, RI (Kent) – Firefighters were alerted to a possible structure fire around 10:30am at 1556 Main Street on January 19, 2010. Fire Alarm had all 4 engines, 1 ladder, 1ems rescue, and on duty chiefs on the first alarm. Engine 4, the first due pump, knew they had work as they approached the scene due to the heavy smoke column filling the sky. Heavy fire was reported to be venting from side 1 of a 3sty wood frame apartments over commercial on arrival. Command requested a quick second alarm to be struck due to the heavy fire and life hazard. The second alarm was filled out with a task force from the city of Warwick with 2 engines, 1 tower ladder, and a chief. Mutual aid companies along with off duty recalls filled the empty firehouses. Firefighters stretched in hand lines into the first floor occupancy that was filled with heavy smoke and fire conditions as other companies conducted primary searches on the upper floors. The searches proved negative however a few occupants suffered from smoke inhalation. A Warwick rescue transported 2 occupants to nearby Kent Hospital for smoke inhalation. Firefighters were pulled from the structure after a valiant 25 minute firefight due to the rapidly deteriorating conditions. West Warwick Tower Ladder 1 set up in a driveway on side 2 and vented the hip roof on side 3. Heavy smoke issued from this vent hole after the sheathing was popped open. The electrical service was terminated at the pole outside the structure but the gas couldn’t be easily turned off. The utility workers reported that the shut was possibly paved over with asphalt. A backhoe had to be dispatched to the scene to perform this task. Several hand lines played through the open windows to attempt to knock down the fire. The spread of fire eventually made its way to the attic space and through the vent hole. Warwick Tower Ladder 1 set up on Main Street on the side 1-4 corner. The two tower ladders hydraulically opened up the roof line as the firefighters in the buckets used straight stream appliances. The bulk of the fire was knocked down around 1200. Command allowed companies to return into the severely damaged structure to perform the overhauling of the building. The RI Fire Marshal’s Office was on scene early into the fire to help with cause and origin. The American Red Cross was also on scene to help with the displaced occupants. Several pets were reported missing or killed during the fire.

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