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Bellingham Police Sergeant Ed Guzowski was on normal patrol when he noticed heavy smoke in the area. He found heavy smoke pushing from 40 California Ave, a 2.5sty wdfm. He attempted to gain entry to search but the heavy smoke forced him out. Companies arrived to find heavy fire on the first floor. They stretched in through the front door to attack the fire. An unconfirmed report of a trapped occupant forced companies to start an aggressive search . The search was negative due to no one being home at the time of the fire. The fire traveled up the balloon framed walls into the attic area. Crews tried valiantly to open up the upper floors walls to stop the upwards spread of the fire. The fire made it's way into the knee walls and attic space breaking through the vent holes. The OIC had companies exit the building to switch to a defensive attack. Woonsocket and Blackstone ladders went to work with their pipes along with several other hand lines. The fire burned through the entire roof before comapnies gained the upper hand on this job. Bellingham was assisted by Woonsocket, Blackstone, Franklin, Milford, Wrentham fire departments.

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